How to: Matching New Kitchen Cabinets with New or Existing Countertops

Choose to Pursue Similar Stylistic Ideals. Color contrasting and color coordination are both options to be considered. Having countertops and cabinets of the same style can bring cohesiveness into a home. Alternatively, choosing two different styles could help draw more attention to a unique countertop or cabinet set. The pairing options are almost limitless. For many, it just comes down to figuring out what you want to accomplish in the space and executing it.

Factor in the Lifestyle and Practical Needs. Do you have kids? If so, you may want to opt for base cabinets or a custom design featuring drawers. These pieces will enable your kids to grab their favorite snacks without having to climb on a stool. Moreover, wall cabinets ensure plenty of storage space without making your kitchen seem cluttered and smaller than it actually is. Now that you know what type of cabinet you actually need in your life, choose the countertop based on the amount of time and energy that you usually put in regular maintenance work. Countertops made of granite, wood or concrete require constant upkeep and oiling or sealing. On the other hand, cost-effective substitutes made of engineered stone, laminates or stainless steel are much more convenient from this point of view, as they manage to preserve their appeal without demanding any special efforts on your behalf.

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