Care and Maintenance

Things to Avoid

  • Keep all cabinet surface dry at all times using soft lint free cotton cloth. Excessive moisture and quick temperature changes can be harmful to the cabinet finish and strength.
  • Do not use dish cloth or sponge and avoid ammonia based cleaners such as Windex and any harsh detergents.
  • Always open or close any doors and drawers using pulls or handles and avoid touching wood surface.
  • Never use any scouring pads or powdered cleaners.
  • Never hang wet towels inside cabinets or on doors.

Basic Cleaning

  • All ARC cabinet doors are shrink wrapped with clear film and we recommend removing this film after final installation to keep cabinets dust free.
  • For regular basic cleaning, use lint free cotton cloth dampened with warm water followed with dry cloth.
  • Wipe up food spills and water spots immediately.
  • Glass doors and shelves can be cleaned with soft cloth moistened with mild glass cleaner taking care not to touch any wood surface.
  • When in doubt of a cleaner’s suitability, please do not use.
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